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Key Fit Locksmiths want to help you protect your home and business. Burglarys can occur even in the safeest of areas, but you can be better prepared by making sure your home is protected and the building security is at it’s highest. Keyfit Lockmsmiths Newcastle can help you secure you home and business, giving you peace of mind. We will make sure every inch of your home is covered with the Key Fit guarantee that our trained locksmith technicians have made sure your home security is second to none.

We are the only Newcastle based locksmith that can help your security needs at competitive and decent prices, while offering the largest and most comprehensive coverage. Give us a call at 0191 364 3031 or visit our website www.keyfitlocksmiths.co.uk to see what other sorts of locksmith services we offer. We do a lot more than you think and to make it even better, we offer all of these services 24 hours a day.

We offer security consulatations for your business as well as well as home. We can make sure that the security of your business is not compromised during closing hours when you cannot protect it yourself. As we go through the security check list, we will mark all of the issues that we see and offer solutions that will fix the issues as hand. Keep your mind at ease in knowing that your home or business is protected by the Key Fit Locksmith name. Call us today and see what makes us the best Locksmith business in the North East.

What Is Locksnapping?

You may well have heard of “cylinder snapping” or “lock snapping”. It’s a method used by burglars to break into property that is secured using a euro cylinder (e.g. almost all properties that have UPVC doors, although a significant number of composite and aluminium doors use them too, and they’re often used in commercial as well as domestic environments).

The method of lock snapping involves breaking the cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open. Whilst you may think that all the multi locking points on your door make it secure, it’s important to realise they are all operated by the cylinder – this is the weakest point and if compromised all the locking points are rendered useless.