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Home Security Tips

When homeowners assess the safety of their residence there is a good chance that they will focus on the doors. Many will not attribute much importance to checking the resilience of their window locks – if they have any at all! This time of year is a great opportunity to be diligent and take time to assess your window security. The darker early evenings with Christmas approaching does have a bearing on the numbers of domestic burglaries. If your windows are not secured properly, you are making your home an easy target for burglary.

Saving money, as well as reducing risk

As well as the obvious home safety consideration, having good window locks can also save you money on your insurance premiums. Insurance companies are very particular as to the type of locks that are fitted on not just your doors but windows too. If the locking mechanism on your windows does not meet the standards stipulated by your chosen home insurance provider, your policy may be invalidated.

Generally, insurers will highlight questions relating to patio and French windows but increasingly they are focusing on all accessible windows, with key operated locks as the recommended option.

Plus they will reward you with lower premiums if you can evidence that your home is secured with high quality locks.

Don’t panic if your home doesn’t have adequate window security and you don’t know where to start. Firstly determine which type of window your home has – there is a whole range! Based on this there will be a suitable lock on the market. Here is a brief guide to set you off in the right direction;

Sash windows – A pair of stops are fitted to the to the upper sash window to prevent the two sliding past each. Sash jammers are also available and they have the same function.

Casement window – This version usually requires two locks, one on the long handle at the bottom and one on the side where the small handle can be found. You can fit locks onto the existing handles or you can invest in new handles that have the lock integrated within.

Fanlight windows – Swing locks are ideal to secure this type of small window as they can provide a means to reach in and unlock a larger window. Mortice window bolts, fitted into the edge of the window, will also do the same job.

UPVC windows – The added benefit to these windows is that they should come fitted with key operating locks. The important thing here is to regularly check the handles/lock and maintain as required.

Apart from the suggested locking systems, other methods include window bars and window restrictors. The latter is ideal as it prevents the window from opening too wide – ideal for deterring burglars.

Window locks may seem trivial in the grand scheme of things but ultimately they can make the biggest difference to your home security. Please contact the Keyfit Locksmiths team for more information on fitting window locks and securing your Newcastle home.

What Is Locksnapping?

You may well have heard of “cylinder snapping” or “lock snapping”. It’s a method used by burglars to break into property that is secured using a euro cylinder (e.g. almost all properties that have UPVC doors, although a significant number of composite and aluminium doors use them too, and they’re often used in commercial as well as domestic environments).

The method of lock snapping involves breaking the cylinder to then manipulate the lock to open. Whilst you may think that all the multi locking points on your door make it secure, it’s important to realise they are all operated by the cylinder – this is the weakest point and if compromised all the locking points are rendered useless.