Find Safe Locksmiths Newcastle

Nothing is worse than getting to your door and finding your key isn’t in your pockets. However, there’s no reason to stress simply get in contact with Key Fit Locksmiths and all your lock worries will be sorted out.

We’re proud of the variety of reliable services we have on offer, we have a 24 hour call out system, so if you’re stuck in a rough situation in the early hours of the morning, we’re still ready to help. All of our locks are supplied and fitted by us, promptly and safely. We can get damaged safes opened so you can get back your important goods, and furthermore we’re approved of by the local police department.

If the worst happens and your door is damaged by torrential weather or a burglar, we can fit out the best safety locks to ensure that no such thing happens again, you can feel safe in your own home again through the work of our professionally trained locksmiths.

If you’d like to learn more about our services, don’t wait around with an insecure household, get in contact on our website, or give us a ring on: 0191 364 3031.

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