Have you thought about getting a security safe for your home?

Safes provide a great place to store your valuables, jewellery, cash and important documents. But how can you ensure your safe is fully secure? Which is the best safe to get?

Here we look at 5 top considerations when choosing your safe.

1. Cash Rating

The cash rating is the amount of cash that will be covered by an insurance company. A more secure safe will have a higher cash rating, which could be as high as £250,000 for cash and even higher for jewellery.

Check with your insurance company and find out exactly what you will be covered for. They may say you need a safe graded by the European Certification Body.

These go from Grade 0, which covers up to £6,000 in cash, up to Grade 7, which covers up to £250,000 in cash.

Use this to determine the right safe for your home or business.

2. Size

The size of your safe will be affected by your budget and the amount of space you have in your home or business.

In general, larger safes are more expensive. They are also heavier, which may impact where your safe can be installed. For example, it may have to go on the ground floor instead of the first floor.

But heavier safes have a big advantage: they are harder to carry off. If your safe is too small, a thief could steal your entire safe and take it away.

3. Fire Rating

Are your precious valuables safe from fire? Find out how much protection your safe provides.

Safes usually provide up to about an hour of protection for paper before it combusts, but some provide longer. This may not be a big issue if you are storing jewellery, which will last longer. But it is still something to consider.

4. Permanent or Portable

Some safes are small and portable, which can be convenient for you. The downside is that they can also be stolen.

Other safes are permanently installed by a professional and are far more secure because they cannot simply be carried away.

5. Lock Type

Finally, consider the type of lock. Key locks are reliable but can be stolen or lost, and changing the lock is expensive.

Combination locks are convenient, and you can’t lose the key. Some safes have electronic combination locks where you can change the combination.

Choose the Right Safe for You

These are the most important considerations when you are choosing a safe. They will all affect the cost of the safe, so make sure you have a clear idea of what you are willing to spend on it.

Whichever type of safe you choose, don’t forget about home security. Remember, your most valuable items are stored in the safe, making it an attractive target for thieves. You need to protect your safe by using secure locks on your doors and windows, security cameras and an alarm system.

At Key Fit Locksmiths, we provide a range of specialist safe services from safe opening to installation, lock changes and upgrading. We can also help you make sure your home or business is secure. Whatever you need, give us a call and we’ll be happy to help.