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UPVC Door Mechanisms and window locks

Upvc doors and windows are really popular these days because of the low-maintenance and multiple choice of product range associated with Upvc, unfortunately the lock or mechanism can brake or need adjusting over time. The Multipoint Lock as it is known can be made up of a combination of hooks, bolts and rollers on the edge of the door, which all engage into the sides of the doors known as keeps which are in the door frame once the handle is lifted, then locks with a key.key fit locksmiths Newcastle are Specialists in all aspects of Upvc Door and Window Mechanisms, and can supply and fit all makes and various types of Multipoint locking systems.here are some popular types:

  • Lockmaster
  • Mila
  • Gu
  • Era

They all come in different sizes

Over time, due to movement within the door you might notice that the handles are becoming harder to operate,the weight of a door also plays a big part in doors dropping the more glass the heavier the door,meaning the door won’t line up with the holes needing greater force to lift the handle up, forcing the bolts into their keeps before locking occurs. We can resolve this quickly usually by making a few adjustments. If neglected, and by continually forcing up the handles, something inside the mechanism will break. Multi-point Locking Mechanisms and Gearboxes can be costly items to replace once they have failed completely,at key fit locksmiths Newcastle we can repair, supply and maintain Upvc door locks window locks, handles and mechanisms

Upvc, composite / wooden doors are usually secured by a Multipoint Locking Mechanism. Which consists of several locking points, either hooks, bolts or rollers, which lock into there receivers on the door frame. The Upvc Door Lock is usually operated by the handles and the whole thing locked by using a key.

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