Repair French Door Lock, Gateshead

Repair French Doors Gateshead- Broken UPVC Lock Mechanism
Repair French Doors Gateshead- Broken UPVC Lock Mechanism

A customer in Gateshead had French doors which had jammed.

When a patio French door is jammed, there are several steps we take to troubleshoot and potentially fix the issue. including the following

  1. Inspect the Lock Mechanism:
    • Check if the lock is properly aligned and functioning. Sometimes debris or misalignment can cause the lock to jam.
    • If so, we lubricate the lock with graphite powder or a silicone-based lubricant to ensure smooth operation.
  2. Check the Door Alignment:
    • A misaligned door can cause the French door to stick or jam. We inspect the hinges and adjust them if necessary.
    • We also tighten any loose screws on the hinges or strike plate.
  3. Examine the Door Frame and Threshold:
    • We look for any obstructions or debris in the door frame or threshold. Clear away dirt, leaves, or other materials that might be preventing the door from opening.
    • We ensure that the threshold is level and not causing the door to bind.
  4. Inspect the Weatherstripping:
    • Damaged or worn weatherstripping can interfere with the door’s movement. Replace any worn-out weatherstrips.
    • We make sure the weatherstripping is properly installed and not obstructing the door’s path.
  5. Attempt to Open the Door:
    • Gently apply pressure to the door handle while turning the key or operating the handle. Sometimes a slight shift in pressure can release a jammed lock.
    • If the door still won’t open, we try pushing or pulling it while turning the handle.
  6. Remove the Trim or Molding:
    • If all else fails, we may need to remove the trim or molding around the door to access the locking mechanism.
    • We always proper procedures to avoid damaging the door or fram

In the end we removed the broken mechanism, and replaced it with a new one.

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