A broken or damaged lock can be very frustrating when you find you can’t get into your home or office. It can also present a security risk.

But trying to fix your lock yourself is never a good idea. Locks are very specialist pieces of equipment, and unless you know exactly what you are doing, you could make the problem worse.

Here are four of the biggest risks of DIY lock repair.

1. You Could Damage the Lock Further

The main risk of trying to repair a lock yourself is that you will make it worse. By using incorrect tools or the wrong technique, you can turn a minor problem into a major one.

It could even lead to permanent damage to the lock. In this case, where you might have been able to get it fixed by a locksmith, now you will need a whole new lock.

You could also end up losing access to your property. This is frustrating if the property is your home, but it could lead to a huge convenience if it is your business.

2. You Can Put Your Property at Risk

By trying to fix your lock on your own, you could put your property at risk.

A malfunctioning lock can make the door weaker, and even though it may feel like the lock works fine for you, if you have damaged it, someone may be able to force it with greater ease.

A lock that has been repaired without specialist knowledge could also be easier to pick.

The whole point of a lock is to protect your property from intruders, and you won’t be able to sleep peacefully if there is a risk that your lock is not doing its job properly.

3. Risk of Injury

There is also the risk to yourself to consider. Locks may look harmless enough, but they contain lots of parts including springs and pins. If you handle them without proper care, you could end up causing yourself an injury. Hire a pro with the tools and knowledge to avoid this risk.

4. It Will Take Longer

You may think that fixing a lock yourself will be quicker than hiring a professional, but the opposite is often true.

You can hire a professional to come out in hours using an emergency locksmith service and get the job done properly the first time.

If you do it yourself, you may find that it takes you longer, and there is a risk you won’t fix it properly.

If you then have to call out a locksmith, they may end up having to replace the lock because of the damage you have caused. It’s often far quicker and easier to call a professional.

Call a Locksmith Instead

Trying to repair a damaged or broken lock often causes more problems than it solves. Unless you have the specialist skills of a locksmith, you can end up damaging the lock further, presenting serious security risks for your home or business.

Always call a locksmith if you need to get a lock fixed or replaced. At Key Fit Locksmiths, we will be happy to help. We’ll send over an experienced and trusted locksmith to check over your lock and make any repairs or fit a new lock as necessary.

Then you can sleep easy knowing your property is secure.